Pool Repair Services for Spring TX Area

pool repairGot problems with your backyard pool or spa? Clearwater Pool Services is your complete pool repair company in the Spring TX area. For all your service needs contact us at 281-528-7575.

We are your Spring area family owned and operated pool company.

Some of our services include the following:

Pumps and Motors

Pool pumps and motors are intricate systems that sometimes break down. If the pump or motor are louder than usual or making a strange noise, it is likely that it needs service. Clearwater’s pool techs have the expertise to find the mechanical issues with pumps and motors and fix them quickly. Let us get to the bottom of the problem.


Don’t let a leaky pool send your water bill through the roof. If you suspect that your pool has a leak, contact one of our techs immediately. The best time to repair a leak is before it gets worse. Water can be a destructive force and our experienced will make saving your pool our top priority.


If your pool filter stops working or is not working properly, you put your swimmers at risk. You need to call right away to get your filter up and running and ensure the cleanliness of the water in your pool. We have extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing all types of filter issues. Contact us to get your filter fixed and get back to enjoying your pool.


Pool heaters need to be maintained to stay in good condition. If your pool heater won’t turn on or doesn’t seem to be heating the water, our technicians can help. Clearwater techs are familiar with all makes and models of pool heaters and will provide you with a solution to the problem. Let us get your pool water back up to the temperature you like it.

Salt Systems

A salt system is what keeps your pool water chlorinated and safe for swimming. If you test your pool water and it lacks chlorine, you have a problem on your hands. Salt build up can potentially cause issues with these systems. Don’t hesitate to call us to make a service appointment.

Other Repair Services

We also repair automatic chlorinators, pool controllers and replace pool lights. We help customers needing to clean up pools that have turned green or fix pools with stains. Talk to us about leak detection, valve replacement, skimmer repair, tile cleaning and coping projects.

Pool Remodeling for Spring TX

We do not actually build new pools, but we will remodel and repair them with such ease and efficiency that it will be as if you had a new pool in your back yard.  We always treat our clients how we would like to be treated, provide superior swimming pool & Jacuzzi spa services at reasonable prices – and do it as quickly as possible.  Our dedicated service technicians have a tremendous amount of experience and will help you solve your problem as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

We Love Clean Pools

Energy Saving Pump Upgrades:

Running your pool pump is not an option and can run your electric bill through the roof each month. Clearwater can upgrade your pool pump to an energy efficient pump. In most cases this pump pays for itself within a year.

Pool Heater Troubleshooting & Repair Spring TX:

Pool heater stop working? Pool heater repairs are our #1 call next to pool service. We are the experts in pool heater repair service. When your pool heater stops working we can troubleshoot and repair any pool heater.

Equipment Upgrades:

Old Equipment?  Ready to Automate your system to control everything from the touch of a button?  Or upgrade to a salt system over to the latest LoNox gas fired heater?  Whatever your need from one component to an entire equipment removal and replacement we can help!

Pool Tile Cleaning & Repair in Spring TX:

We have developed a process to remove the calcium from your pools water line without etching your tile. Our process uses water with a fine powder to remove calcium and bring your tile back to that brand new look-clean and polished. Call our office for more details.

Pool and Spa Lighting:

Lights stop working? Ready to upgrade to color changing S.A.M, color wheel, fiber-optic or L.E.D color changing lighting? Had another company tell you it can’t be replaced? Or unsure if your lights are safe to swim or protected by a G.F.I (ground fault circuit interrupter)? Call our technician to see how we can assist you with your pool lighting needs.

Filter Cleaning Service:

How frequently your filter needs to be torn down, inspected, and cleaned is dependent upon a number of factors from the size of your pool, size of your pool filter, the type of pool filter you have, bather and contaminant loads, etc. Most manufactures recommend a minimum of twice a year complete filter tear down and cleaning.  We can come out one time, once a year, or every six months as needed.

Whether it is simply keeping your pool and spa clean, fixing a broken pump, filter, and heater or re-plastering – we can do it all!! Give us a call today and obtain a FREE ESTIMATE, you will be glad you did.